Pranther, CA

Deko Natural Product

Go Beyond just Ingredients

We are not just your average ingredients supplier. With our expertise, we can provide much more to solve your challenges in this rapid growing market.

What We Offer

Providing a total solution to your ingredients sourcing


With our extensive network of farmers, growers, and raw suppliers, we are more than likely to find what you are looking for.

Ingredients Development

With a team of 10+ years experienced researchers, we can make your ideas becoming realities.

Product Formulations

With a list of more than 60 base formulations, we can offer you not only the ingredients but also the studies and researches behind your product.

Supply Chain Solution

With our data-driven inventory system and warehouse in local area, we can offer more timely delivery and less inventory pressure on you.

300+ Ingredients 60+ Formulations

Choose from our extensive list of herbals, fruit, vegetable ingredients with various specifications.

Why Work With Us

High Quality

Quality is always our first priority

Timely Delivery

Deliver on your preferred schedule

Fast Response

Highly responsive team

Competitive Price

Keep your cost at bay

Manufacturing Facilities

Our three different manufacturing facilities that cover various production technologies from extraction, low-temp concentration, content purification, etc.

Coming in 2024

The new ways of sourcing natural ingredients